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Promote employee engagement and workplace civility through people solutions consulting by Edmondson & Associates, Inc. Through her lessons and personal stories, Adrienne Edmondson demonstrates the power of unleashing your joy.


Build up your workforce with civility and laughter in the workplace. Adrienne Edmondson’s business training and team building seminars focus on ways to eliminate stress, encourage teamwork, and enhance productivity.

Fighting Stress

Eliminate employee stress through laughter and team-focused training. Adrienne Edmondson demonstrates to you how good communication and a sense of humor can work wonders for the productivity and morale of your office.

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Based in Overland Park, Kansas, Edmondson & Associates, Inc. collaborates with business leaders and decision-makers to develop creative people solutions for the workplace through business consulting. Thanks to founder Adrienne Edmondson’s knowledge, experience, and effective communication, we are able to help companies promote employee engagement, effective communication, and process alternatives that will enhance productivity and promote civility behaviors within the workplace. Established in 2002, Edmondson & Associates, Inc. provides services to clients all over the United States.

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